Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fundraiser Update!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your support in today's fundraiser for Sabore's well.  The 5th graders raised a little over $1100 for Sabore's Well.  That money will be matched by a corporate organization so the total amount raised will be over $2200!!!  We will present this to Sabore when he visits the 5th and 7th graders on Monday!

Between our fundraiser, the online fundraiser, and money raised by two other schools we will surpass our $10,000 goal to build the kitchen and teacher's quarters for the new school in the Maasai village in Kenya!  What an accomplishment!  Thank you again.  We are still accepting donations tomorrow if you didn't have a chance to contribute.  I appreciate every single dollar that was donated today and all of our community support for an organization that is near and dear to my heart!

Unfortunately because of the weather, the water walk was cancelled today.  Instead, we watched videos about what it is like to be raised in the Maasai community and what it is like to have to walk miles to get water every single day.  I filled a plastic jug of water so the total weight was 40 lbs (the weight of water the women carry daily back to the villages).  The students were able to lift the jug and imagine what it would be like to have to carry this for 6-8 miles each day.

One class was able to finish their Maasai project, which we will present to Sabore on Monday.  The other class will finish their projects on Monday just in time to show Sabore.

About the art projects:  The plates are in the same pattern as the Maasai fabrics that they wear.  The plates are called "Maasai plaid."  Students made an oil pastel sunset blended with baby oil.  The acacia tree silhouette was painted on and then the Maasai shields were created with sharpies and colored pencils.  The shields are popping off of the plate.  I think they came out beautifully!!
I can't wait to see how the other 5th grade classes projects turn out on Monday!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Sabore's Well Fundraiser/5th Grade Water Walk and Sabore's Visit

On Wednesday, November 28 students may participate in a fundraiser for the 5th grade class to earn money for Sabore’s Well, an organization that works to build wells and schools in Maasai villages in Kenya. By bringing water to these villages, women and children no longer have to travel many miles each day and are therefore able to go to school. The building of these wells is leading to the empowerment of women in these Maasai tribes.  Since the building of these first wells, they have been able to start the building on schools.  Their very first preschool is almost completed and will open in January to children of the Maasai tribe.  This was made possible by the many donations over the years from SFC students and families. 
In connection with Art class, 5th graders learned about the Maasai tribe and their daily struggle of finding water. Sabore Ole Oyie, a Maasai elder, will be visiting the 5th graders on December 3. The 5th grade would like to do a fundraiser to earn money for Sabore’s organization to present to him on this day.  Sabore will also be collecting our Maasai art projects to bring back with him to Kenya to decorate the new school with.  Such an honor!
We are asking that students who would like free dress (PK-8th grade) to bring $2 to school on Wednesday, November 28. Homeroom teachers will collect donations in the morning. Of course, any other donations that you would like to contribute will be happily accepted.

To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit:

This Wednesday, for prayer day and in conjunction with their fundraiser day for Sabore, 5th grade students will be participating in a Water Walk during their scheduled time with me.  This will be a meditative and reflective walk where each student will be walking alone  while carrying a 5 lb. bucket of water around the parking lot.  As they walk, students will stop at stations that present them with reflective questions and statements to think about as they walk.  One station will have a 40 lb. water jug which they will be able to lift to see what the actual weight of the water the women in the Maasai village carry miles back and forth from the watering hole.  
At the end of the walk, we will meet as a group to discuss their experience during this water walk.  This will be a good exercise to get us ready for when Sabore comes to visit the 5th graders next Monday, December 3rd.   
Parents are welcome to attend.  We will be meeting in the church from on Monday, December 3rd from 11:25-12:35 to hear Sabore's story and more about his organization.  The students  always LOVE this day!  It is such an inspiring story. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

8th Grade Company Logo Design Completion

A few weeks ago, 8th graders started a company logo design project where they were "hired" to design a logo for a fictitious company.  They were competing against designers in the other 8th grade sections and had to come up with the best concept out of all four 8th grade sections in order to win.  More on the project can be seen here:  Logo Design Project 

Three judges (not me) looked over all of the designs and voted on the logos for each company that had the best concept (not artwork) as well as matched what the company was looking for in terms of branding (students were given information about each company and what the company was looking for).

If your design won, you got a prize.  If your team had the most designs selected out of all four groups, then your whole team got a prize (kind of like a company bonus).  It was so much fun to see the 8th graders working together to try and get their team to have the strongest designs possible.

Here are some pictures of what the students created:

They're a Hoot! Kinder and 2nd Grade Owl Projects

Kindergarten has been working so hard on these beautiful watercolor resist owls.  I absolutely LOVE the colors that they chose for the backgrounds and think they did a wonderful job on all of the beautiful details.  

2nd graders also created owls but used a printmaking technique to create prints of their owls.  Students drew their owls into foam and then I showed them how ink is rolled over the foam with a brayer and rubbed onto paper to create prints.
The trees were made by painting a variety of browns onto a paper and then dragging a plastic scraper across the paper to scrape lines into the wet paint.  This painted paper was then pressed onto another piece of paper and when it was removed, it created a beautiful faux-wood look.  Once dry, the paper was torn to create a deckled edge and glued down to their backgrounds, where they attached their owls and oil pastel/watercolor leaves.  

There were a lot of steps involved but I think it was well worth it.  

Monday, November 5, 2018

Turkeys Can't Vote.....

...but they can PROTEST!!!!

Happy almost voting day!  Get out and vote!  And enjoy these cute 3rd grade projects as you wait to drop off your ballots.