Tuesday, October 30, 2018

7th Grade Batiks

Students have been working hard the past few weeks working on their glue batiks.  Students learned about the process and origin of real batiks and got to see how they were made.  We are making a much safer (not hot wax or boiling water needed) version using glue and paint on cotton fabric.  

Step 1:  Students have to come up with their design and draw it with chalk on their cloth.  

Step 2:  They are then outlined with a gel glue.

Step 3:  They are painted entirely with acrylic paint.  

Step 4:  They are washed in the washing machine and dried on Mrs. Saca's car (lol!)

More pics of the process:

My example:



4th Grade Model Magic Fall Trees

If you have a 4th grader, they may have come home with a little extra model magic today to play with.  We had a GREAT time today playing with model magic to make the base of our fall tree pictures.  Next week we will finish up all of the final details.  

It May Be Halloween Tomorrow But We Did Christmas Today....

7th graders are juggling a few projects at the moment.  We are in-between work on our batik projects as well as starting today on a Christmas ceramic project.

Christmas tree votive covers were made out of clay.  They will be fired and glazed.  Students had a great time making these today.  Who doesn't love clay projects?!  

Viva Frida!

We spent some time learning about the inspiring life of Frida Kahlo.  5th graders then created these portraits of Frida out of oil pastel (blended with baby oil).  Students could choose whether they wanted to add flowers to her hair to complete the look.  

I love the variety of styles that came out of this one project.  

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Every Once In Awhile....

....a teacher gets so excited about a project that it exudes from the teacher and infects the students and then everyone is EXCITED about a project!!  This just happened to us in 8th grade!

As students entered the classroom, they were given an envelope and told not to open it.  On the cover of the envelope it had a company name.

I told students that from here on out they were now a member of a design firm (which they would have to come up with a name for later).  They were all a part of the same company.  In their hands was a packet of information from a possible client.  The client was searching for the best design firm to come up with a new logo to represent their company.  They company has sent these packets to 3 other companies as well (the three other 8th grade sections).  Before the company commits to a design firm, they want to see two sample logo designs from each of the firms and then they will make a decision on who they hire to work on their company branding.

Each student had in their hands information from a different company.  They had to read about what the client was looking for and come up with two different logo designs.  Their team (all of the classmates) would narrow down by voting which of the two designs would be brought up to committee.  They had to work together as a design company.

A final committee (of faculty members) will look at the final designs and pick their favorite logos for each company.  The winners of the design will win a prize.  AND the design firm with the most design winners will ALL win a prize.  I told the students that this is much like the real world in a real company.  You want to do well.  You want to be the best design but you also want your team to do their best work.  If the team wins then everyone gets a raise or a bonus!  So just like the real world, the team with the most winning logos will ALL win a prize.

Students spent this week starting to come up with their designs.  Next week, students will finalize their two designs and then there will be a team meeting.  We will spend time voting on the best designs, adding constructive criticism on how to make the designs stronger, and then submit the final design that will go to committee.

The students are really into this assignment!  It's exhilarating to watch.  The teamwork, the sharing of ideas, the focus....as a teacher it is really exciting to see.

We talked about design firms that get hired by large corporations to take control of the company branding (websites, logos, letterhead, brochures, etc..).  We talked about the company that Steve Jobs hired to do the branding for Apple and all of the work that entailed and how much money that company was paid (yearly) to do that work.  I saw a lot of eyes light up.  I like art, I like computers, I like coming up with creative things....Mrs. Saca...I could do that.  Yes!!!  Yes, you can!!!!  That is what it is all about.  I saw a few lightbulbs go off in a few students eyes and I thought...this is what it is all about.

2nd Grade: Witches on Broomsticks

We are finally done with our witch project!!!!  We had so much to do to make these artworks as beautiful as they are.

1st students had to create the textured backgrounds by dragging plastic pieces through the wet paint.

Then the students had to make their cobwebs and witches.

They added glitter paint to make their cobwebs really look cobwebby (is that a word?).

They then had to cut their broomstick papers and with a little help from Mrs. Saca and a hot glue gun we added the final touches (check out the spiders they added)!

These projects took us weeks to complete and I am so so pleased with the results.  Can't wait to see them hanging up!  Great job 2nd grade!!!

3rd Grade: Dia De Los Muertos Cats

Oh, how I love these: the colors, the patterns, the contrasts, the whimsy.  3rd grade did a wonderful job on this project and really took their time to make these beautiful works of art.  Students learned about Dia De Los Muertos and the traditions and cultures from which it came.