Thursday, September 14, 2017

Frescoes continued....

8th graders continue to work on their fresco projects this week in art class.  Many have completed them this week. 

A little bit about the process:

1.  Plaster is made and poured onto burlap, then dried.
2.  Practice sketches are created.
3.  Final sketches are redrawn or traced (using carbon paper) onto their plaster
4.  Chalk is applied
5.  Chalk is blended and sealed using liquid starch on q-tips or their finger-tips. 

***This can be a very frustrating project for perfectionists as the medium is tricky to control and it is difficult to get fine details with the chalk and q-tips.  However, I think that the 8th graders did a fine job and we were able to do quite a bit of problem-solving throughout this project.  

Things we learned on accident and by trial-and-error through this project:

-Sand paper can be our friend.  Mistakes can be sanded away.

-If the plaster flakes and becomes difficult to work on with chalk, markers and paint make fine substitutions.

-Practice sketches that were drawn too small or too large could be downsized or enlarged on a photocopy machine.

-Carbon paper, which many students have never seen before (they had never seen checkbooks with carbon paper or old receipt machines) work well to transfer designs.  

Here are some pictures of them working in-class on them. 

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