Monday, September 18, 2017

6th Grade: Picasso Musical Instruments 6th graders in both Spanish class and Art class are learning about the life and art of Pablo Picasso.  Students already knew about Picasso and his style of portraiture from art lessons in previous years but this time we are taking a look at other subject matter that Picasso focused on, including musical instruments.

We talked about cubism and how objects were deconstructed to create an abstract work of art.  We spent a good deal of time discussing the importance of the viewers role when making a work of art.  Making an art work that looks realistic is an important skill to have but sometimes creating art that doesn't tell the whole story is just as important to create an interest in a work of art.  You need to engage the viewer and let them have their own experiences with the artwork.  Spelling everything out for the viewer isn't always as interesting as letting them figure out the artwork on their own.

Below are some 6th grade artworks in their initial stages.  The main goal of the project was to deconstruct an object in such a way that the object was not immediately discerned by the viewer.

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