Sunday, May 28, 2017

Your Trash=My Treasure

As you clean-out your closets or garage this summer and are thinking about throwing all of the stuff might just be an art classroom treasure!

While there is a list on with a link to "Mrs. Saca's Art classes," the below list are items that you might be looking to get rid of or items from around the house.  Please do not go out and buy these items but if you are getting rid of any of these things, please feel free to donate them to the art room.  

-Electric drill
-Hot glue sticks
-Paper plates
-Brown paper lunch bags
-Aluminum foil
-Rubber bands
-Cereal boxes (flattened)

This list will grow and change as I think of projects for the upcoming year.  This is not a complete list.  If you have something that you think the art room might use, please drop me an email at any time and I'll let you know if I, or another teacher on campus, could use it.  

Thank you in advance!  

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