Saturday, May 6, 2017

Completed Projects: Week of May 2nd

7th Graders have completed their Animal Details Collage.  We discussed including the viewer in their artwork design and about creating interest in their works of art.

If students were in a museum and they stood next to a regular painting of a lion and a painting that gave them clues that what they were looking at was an animal but you weren't quite sure, we talked about how students would spend more time in front of the the one they were unsure of.  That paintings like this draw the viewer in as they are a part of the artwork itself.  They have to figure it out as opposed to it being spelled out for them.

Based on this, students had to create an animal detail collage.
The collage of four pieces had to include:
-The eye of the animal
-A distinguishing feature of the animal
-A zoom-in, and
-The artists choice

Students then had the optional choice of adding sharpie details or color using watercolors or colored pencils.

These are some of the final works:

5th grade Massai pictures are now hanging in the hallway.  They look spectacular.  Truly, one of my favorite projects.  They are just beautiful.  

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