Monday, March 27, 2017

Project Updates: Week of March 27th

4th Grade:

Students are beginning work on s spring themed project that involves drawing a large flower pot with flowers, in pencil and then in sharpie, and then "painting" bleeding tissue paper on top of their drawings.  When they paint on the tissue paper with glue, the moisture of the glue turns the tissue paper almost into watercolor and the color then spreads onto the paper.  We are in the beginning stages of this project.  Here is a glance:

7th Graders:

Students are beginning a project titled, "If Picasso Drew A...."  They must draw a cartoon-inspired character as if Picasso drew it.  The goal is for the viewer to know two things, who their character is and that it was drawn like Picasso.  We studied the style of Picasso when it comes to his style of portraiture.  They are using some of these characteristics to transform their characters.  Sneak peek:

8th Graders:

Favela project is almost complete.  A few students have a few finishing touches to add to their favela piece but here is the almost completed and installed Brazilian Favela.  If you would like a closer look at all of the details, you will find this installation in the Elementary School hallway in the small hallway heading outside by the 5th grade classrooms.  The favelas were made completely out of recycled and found materials.  I just sent these pictures to the artist that we were working with, Mr. Eric Cremers (see past posts for more information about him and his art work) and we are anxiously awaiting his response.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy First Day of Spring! 5th Grade Flower Vases

The halls will soon be adorned with these beautiful works of art.  5th graders worked hard to create beautiful patterned backgrounds, shaded flower pots, and flowers made out of both paper and model magic clay (which were then painted).  The results are simply beautiful.

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

8th Grade Felt Project

We are leaving the felt project as a surprise.  Pictures to follow when we are all done.  But here is a sneak preview of art room shenanigans.

This is what happens when 8th grade boys find the box full of felt.  Little Babushkas came to class today.  I love my job!  These kids make me laugh all of the time.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Grids, Grids, Grids

6th graders are beginning work this week on learning how to use a grid in art.  Once the grids are completed, students will be recreating and enlarging a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh....the catch....they will be drawing with the picture upside down!!!

Drawing with the image upside down, intuitively sounds like it would be harder, but it actually makes it easier to draw.  It forces the mind to not look at the objects as what they are (eyes, mouth, nose, etc...) but forces the mind to look at the lines and proportions of the picture.  Often when we draw a picture of something as we see it, our minds (from habit) tries to draw what we assume to be there... what an eye looks like vs. what we ACTUALLY see on the page.  Drawing upside down, stops the mind from making these assumptions and makes the drawings more accurate.

This project will take us many weeks to complete.  It is a time-consuming project but the results are always stunning.  As a teacher it is exciting to see the progress of students who at the beginning of the project say, "I can't draw that" and then later stare in amazement at what they have created at the end of the project.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Murals for Installation Artwork

6th graders (early finishers) are helping create the backdrop to the 8th grade favela installation project.  These murals will hang behind the favela installation that will hang in the hallway near the 5th grade classrooms.  The installation will begin in the next 2-3 weeks. 

Here is the work in-progress: