Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Story Quilts

6th graders were introduced to the use of quilt making to tell stories.  We looked at the artworks (and a video clip) of Faith Ringold, an artist who uses the art of quilt-making to tell stories about her childhood.  Most people recognize the work of Faith Ringold from her book Tar Beach, which was based on one of her story quilts.

We also looked at the use of quilts in American history.  How quilts were used not only to tell stories but also their historical importance and use on the underground railroad.  We looked at how symbols were used within a quilt to give "clues" or "ques" while hanging on a fence or a laundry line to those on the underground railroad of where to travel next or where the next safe house was located.  

For our project, students were asked to think of a moment in their life that was significant to them.  A memory that they would hold on to for the majority of their life.  They were instructed to take this moment and represent it in an image.  Using water-soluble pastels, students drew this on their fabric and use water and paintbrushes to create a watercolor effect on their cloth.  These were then mounted onto a blue felt background and fabric swatches as well as swatches that that they created were added along the border much like the work of Faith Ringold.  Here are some of projects being created:  

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