Thursday, February 2, 2017

Projects across the grade levels...

6th Graders have finished their scratch art projects based on the illustrations of artist Beth Krommes who did the artwork for the books "The House in the Night." 

We have contacted Beth Krommes and pictures of our artworks have been sent to her along with a list of questions that the students had for her.  We are anxiously waiting for her response!! 

Here are some of the students final projects: 

5th Graders have completed their cross-curricular project (Language Arts and Art).  Students created fall poems with Mrs. Behrens and we used the poems that they created to make beautiful leaf books in art class.  Here is a sample of some of their work:

4th Graders have just completed their multi-media Valentine's Day Project.  They are so happy and bright.  I can't wait to see these all hanging up in the hallways.

7th grade ceramic and glass angels are out of the kiln!  Students made a ceramic angel and then filled the body of the angel with frit which when fired turned to glass.  Here are some samples of them:

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