Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween Inchies: 4th Grade

How cute are these?!!!!!  Frame-worthy!  I can't wait to see these adorable Halloween creations hanging in the hallway. 

6th Grade: Aluminum Soda/Drink Cans Needed

We will need about 80 regular sized aluminum soda/water cans (please no beer cans).  I will be collecting them over the next two weeks.  You can have your child bring them to the art room.  Thanks in advance!

6th Grade Picasso-Inspired Musical Instruments

We are FINALLY starting to finish up the 6th grade projects.  Their works were inspired by Picasso's artworks that were based on musical instruments.  Students learned about cubism and a variety of different ways to deconstruct their choice of instrument.  Here are a few that are completed:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

8th Grade: From Representational to Non-Objective Artworks Update

Here is a sneak peak of some of the completed 8th grade projects.  Here was the criteria for each square:

Square #1: Realistic:

-Full-image animal drawing
-Realistic with shading details
-Animal must have interesting features (if the animal was in silhouette, you should be able to tell what animal it is)

Square #2:  Simplistic:

 -Animal must be drawn in simplified shapes and lines
-The viewer should still be able to tell what animal it is without much thought

Two questions to ask tablemates: 
-Can you tell what animal this is?
-Can I take anything away from my drawing and you would still know what animal it is?

Square #3:  Deconstructed Color Blocks:

-Animal is further deconstructed
-The viewer should not be able to tell what it is, until you tell them (then they should be able to piece it together).
-The addition of color:  find significant colors that define certain animal characteristics

Square #4:  Non-objective Depiction of Animal:

-Even with explanation, the animal is not discernible.  It should have qualities of the past square and color themes and shape themes but even with explanation, the viewer will not see the animal.

7th Grade Linoleum Printmaking and Watercolor Illustration Update

Here are some more pictures of the 7th graders linoleum designs and watercolor illustrations.  Next art class, we will begin carving out the linoleum and pulling our prints for the central image. 

3rd Graders Dia De Los Muertos Cats and Ceramic Owls

3rd graders finished their Dia De Los Muertos Cat Skeletons last week and they are now hanging in the hallway.  Their bright colors and designs really brighten up the hallway.

This week 3rd grade just finished creating their clay owls.  Next week they will be fired in the kiln and then we will add color to these adorable creatures with oil pastel and a paint wash. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Creative Compassion: Game and Activity Binders

Well, we are almost done with our game and activity binders which will be donated to children at Lucile Packard Children's hospital.  Thanks to some very generous donors, we were able to purchase 50 binders and dry erase markers.  And another generous donor also donated 1000 sheet protectors that will be used to hold all of the games and activities in the binder.  It would  not have been possible without all of their help!!  Thank you!  You know who you are ;)

Students spent last week in enrichment class creating the beautiful heart artworks that will serve as the covers to the binders.  They used oil pastel and india ink to create these amazing covers!

This week, students will be working to fill the binders with all of the games and activities and they will each be writing a note to the patient that will also be added to the binders.   Here are a few pictures of the activities.  When all is said and done, we should have about 50 binders completed and ready to donate.  I am so proud of the students for all of the love they are putting into these projects!

The binders include:

-Tic Tac Toe
-Would you rather?
-Word searches
-Dots and Boxes
-Word Scrambles
-Alphabet game
-Hidden Pictures