Friday, August 18, 2017

Welcome Back!!!!!

Welcome back to the new school year 2017-2018!!!  After a few years teaching art part-time (grades 4th-8th), I am now back full-time, teaching all students in grades 1st-8th Art!  A huge huge thank you to Mrs. Mifsud for teaching art for grades 1st-3rd for the past few years which allowed me to stay home a few days each week while my son was a baby and toddler.  I know the students appreciated her but not more than I appreciated her!!!!   I thank her for being such a creative inspiration for the students!  Luckily, Mrs. Mifsud will continue to be the Kinder-3rd grade science teacher so the students will still get to enjoy being with Mrs. Mifsud each week!!!

I have posted the art newsletters/syllabus on both the blog ( right hand column) and on each classes' announcement page on Schoolspeak.  The newsletter is pretty cut and paste.  I assure you the kids will have much more fun in art than you did reading the boring Art newsletter :)  It really just has all of the grading policies and expectations for the year.  I do ask that you take a gander and skim through it to get the basics of what the policies are.

Starting next week, all of the classes will have their first art class.  The first class of the year goes over the basic classroom rules, and prizes, location of materials, overview of sketchbook (grades 6th-8th), secret agents, creative compassion corner, etc.  It's possible we may get to start our first project of the year, but most will start the following week.

I am really excited for the year ahead.  I have a lot of new projects planned and am hoping to dive a bit deeper into the projects this year with a bit more time spent on art history and giving students the tools to give positive critiques incorporating art vocabulary.

Early finishers in grades 4th-8th will have the opportunity to work on projects in the Creative Compassion Corner.  More on that later.

I have been busy getting the art room ready and adding a few touches to the room this year!  Looking forward to seeing all of those excited faces and creative souls next week!

Creative Compassion Corner (4th-8th)

Free Draw Station (1st-3rd)

Prizes for Secret Agents

Teacher Desk Tchotchke's 

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  This area was already splattered with paint, I may as well hide it with more purposeful splattered paint.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mrs. Saca's and Mrs. Filice's Mindfulness Adventure at the San Jose Museum of Art!

With much excitement, Mrs. Saca and Mrs. Filice headed to the San Jose Museum of Art today to see the Art and Mindfulness exhibit, which will be on display until August 27th.  We were able to get into the museum for free using the San Jose public library's Discover and Go program (more about this here):

The exhibit invited you to spend a bit more time with an artwork than you normally would.  Some of the artworks had guided meditations that went along with them.  And one even required you to spend time watching as you waited for rocks to melt out of the artwork and fall into a box of hollow sticks bellow which created sounds or "music."

Here are some pictures and videos from the exhibit.  Non-flash photography was allowed.

Art Teacher and Mindfulness Teacher

To carry with you as you pondered and really studied the works of art

Screens were provided to create a wall of privacy as you did the guided meditations that coincided with some of the artworks.  


Made out of paper and thousands and thousands of staples

More staples

Zoom-in of fabric and paper with staples


Waiting for the rocks to melt out of the sculpture and fall onto the sticks to create music.

We would both highly recommend bringing your children to the exhibit and giving them a chance to share with you their knowledge of mindfulness and to see how mindfulness can be used as a way of being present and to appreciate and really see the beauty that is around them, whether that is in art, in nature, or within themselves.

We literally closed the museum tonight.  We took our time and enjoyed each part of the exhibit.  We hope many of you will get a chance to do the same.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Another Reason to be Grateful.....

Just one more reason to be grateful that St. Frances Cabrini has an art program...

We are so fortunate that our school is invested in keeping art education in the development of the whole child, when public school art programs across the state of California are getting cut and arts class enrollments are in decline in comparison to those in other parts of the United States.  

Many many studies have been done that show the importance of art education and the benefits.
This article from PBS parent, points out a few of them:

We are fortunate.  I am fortunate.  Long live the Arts.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Sketchbook Project

This could be a really fun summer project for kids! 

"Sign up, receive a blank sketchbook, fill it up and submit it to the world's largest collection of sketchbooks. Your book will become part of Brooklyn Art Library's permanent collection and will travel as part of our nationwide art exhibitions!"

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Discover and Go: Free and Discounted Admissions to Many Bay Area Museums

As mentioned in the last post, something that I just stumbled upon this summer (and many of you may have already known about) is the use of the San Jose Public Library's Discover and Go program which gives you free and/or discounted admissions to many family activities and museums around the Bay Area.  And many of them are Art museums!!!!

Tickets are first come/first serve but you can reserve them weeks in advance!  All you need is a library card to reserve the tickets.

Some of the locations offering free passes are:

-Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito:  free family pass:  AWESOME museum and beautiful location if you have never been!  
-Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley:  free chid pass
-Exploratorium, San Francisco:  free pass (2 people)
-San Jose Museum of Art:  free family pass
-deYoung Museum, San Francisco:  free family pass
-Seymour Discovery and Marine Center, Santa Cruz:  free family pass
-California Academy of Science, San Francisco:  free family pass
-UC Botanical Garden, Berkeley:  free family pass
-CuriOdyssey, San Mateo:  free child pass
-Legion of Honor, San Francisco:  free family pass
-Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco:  free family pass

Locations offering discounted tickets are:

-Madame Tussauds, San Francisco
-Napa Valley Wine Train
-The Presidential Yacht, USS Potomac, Oakland
-Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose
-USS Hornet Museum, Alameda
-Golden State Model Railroad Museum, Point Richmond

The complete list of locations offered:

Happy Exploring!!!!!

Art and Mindfulness

Chris Fraser
Emmanuelle, 2013
Glass microspheres, plate glass, alu2minum disc, and LED light
24 × 1 ¼ inches
Museum purchase with funds contributed by the Council of 100

The San Jose Museum of Art currently has an exhibit that will be on display throughout summer and closing on August 27th 2017, titled Your Mind, This Moment: Art and the Practice of Attention that makes the connection between mindfulness and art; focusing on observing with "patient awareness."  

It uses art as the focus of meditation and is guided by audio meditations created by Bay Area mindfulness teachers to lead you through the exhibit.

As the students of SFC are so fortunate to have mindfulness incorporated into their weekly schedules, this could be a wonderful opportunity to let them make the connection between mindfulness and how they view things in the world, including art.  

As the exhibit states, they can "explore the intersection between the practice of looking and the increasingly widespread practice of mindfulness meditation."  

I plan to check it out sometime this week (and hopefully get Ms. Filice to tag along with me).  I'll report back and blog about the experience.  

Here is the link for more information on the exhibit:

I highly recommend using the San Jose Public Library's Discover and Go program. Discover & Go offers free or reduced price tickets to local museums for Bay Area library cardholders. There are a limited number of passes for each day on a first come, first serve basis, but many times you can find and get a family pass to the San Jose Museum of Art for a family of 4 for free.  
It's wonderful for a variety of other Bay Area art and family venues as well.  Here is the link to the San Jose public library's Discover and Go:

Hours and Ticket prices for the San Jose Museum of Art:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

1st and 8th Grade Buddy Felt Monster Exchange!!!

Today the 1st and 8th graders had their buddy picnic and the 8th graders presented their buddies with the felt monsters they have been working on secretly in class based on a picture of a monster the 1st graders had drawn.  Here is a video from today's monster exchange.  I think it was a hit!  

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Your Trash=My Treasure

As you clean-out your closets or garage this summer and are thinking about throwing all of the stuff might just be an art classroom treasure!

While there is a list on with a link to "Mrs. Saca's Art classes," the below list are items that you might be looking to get rid of or items from around the house.  Please do not go out and buy these items but if you are getting rid of any of these things, please feel free to donate them to the art room.  

-Electric drill
-Hot glue sticks
-Paper plates
-Brown paper lunch bags
-Aluminum foil
-Rubber bands
-Cereal boxes (flattened)

This list will grow and change as I think of projects for the upcoming year.  This is not a complete list.  If you have something that you think the art room might use, please drop me an email at any time and I'll let you know if I, or another teacher on campus, could use it.  

Thank you in advance!  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Question Answered!

The blog will continue!  I enjoy doing it but I wasn't sure if anyone was reading it.  I was WRONG.  Someone mentioned that it may not be showing page views because people are reading the email notifications.  Now, that makes sense!!!!  

Thank you everyone for the posts and the emails.  No worries, the blog will continue!  Looking forward to a new year and lots more new and exciting projects!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

To Blog or Not To Blog....That is the Question?

Now is the time to voice your opinion on whether or not the SFC Art blog should continue next year.

It is hard for me to accurately gauge how many people are following (I don't think the blog counter is accurate) or how many people are actually reading it.

If you feel it should continue, please comment below.

8th Grade Early-Finishers Design Challenge

As the 8th graders were finishing up with their felt monsters for their 1st grade buddies, some of the students were finished earlier than others, so I offered them a design challenge.

Using common supplies in the art room (craft sticks, toothpicks, cardboard, string, etc...) students were to work in teams of up to 4 people to create and design a small scale playground with the structures being functional (if it's a swing, it needs to swing).

4 or 5 teams of students took up the challenge and these are their highly creative playground designs. Maybe we have future city and regional planners in our mist.

While the craftsmanship might be a bit crude, these designs are high in creativity!  They whipped these up in a couple of 45 minute class periods.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians Meet Van Gogh in the Art Room

6th graders on "Ancient Civilization Day" continue to work on their Vincent Van Gogh grid drawings in Art class.

Pharaohs and Roman soldiers and Greek Gods all making beautiful works of Art!