Thursday, December 7, 2017

7th Grade Christmas Stained Glass

Students in 7th grade are finishing up an oil pastel and india ink Christmas stained glass project.  The artworks are drawn in chalk and everything EXCEPT the chalk lines are colored in with oil pastel.  When they are done, calligraphy ink is painted over the entire picture and immediately washed off in the sink.  The results are striking!

Another Year of 8th Grade Torn Paper Projects....Another Year of Being Completely Blown Away...

March of the Penguins

2nd Grade air-dry clay penguins in-progress!  It's pretty adorable being in an art room surrounded by 70 miniature penguins.  Can't wait to see these painted and mounted on their iceburg's. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Creative Compassion Enrichment: Trimester 2

This trimester, students in Creative Compassion enrichment will be working on gifts for cancer patients (of any age). 

We have just started making port pillows which will be distributed to cancer centers in our immediate area to give to patients that are getting ports placed.  A port pillow attaches to a car seat belt strap and prevents rubbing and snagging of a patient's port.  Students seem really really excited to be able to do some sewing in class.  Some students are so into it that they have made a few port pillow at home to add to our donations. 

Students will also be making prayer boxes out of old altoid tins to distribute to those battling cancer.  Here is a sneak peek at the prayer boxes:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.....And It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet ;)

2nd Graders have just completed an Advent candle project that will be ready to hang and decorate the halls when we return from Thanksgiving break.  Students learned about shading and adding highlights to their pictures to make it look like they were glowing from the candle light.  They were very impressed that they could create this effect just by adding white oil pastel over their drawings. 

3rd Graders just completed their silhouetted nativity scenes.  

We learned about tints and shades, silhouettes, and focal points and tricks artists use to draw your eye to a specific point in the picture.  Focal points might be created by changing the size of something, by using a certain color, drawing lines to a specific point, etc.  Students used a few tricks of their own to create a focal point on the nativity scene and bringing your eye to the most important aspect of their pictures, baby Jesus. 

5th Grade Maasai Woman Project

5th graders continued their unit of the Maasai with an additional art project that focused on the women of the Maasai tribe.  Students studied the beaded jewelry that the Maasai women wear and the patterns and colors of the Maasai tribe. 

Students learned about the roles the women have in the patriarchal Maasai tribe. 

We are anxiously awaiting our visit from Sabore Ole Oyie, a Maasai warrior and tribal elder in January.  More on this to come. 

Students are also working with Mrs. Behrens and reading "A Long Walk to Water" which ties into the life of the Maasai and the importance of having accessible water (a cause that is near and dear to Sabore and one that he has worked tirelessly for with his organization:  A much longer post will follow soon to give more information on Sabore and his organization and his future visit with the students. 

7th Grade Linoleum and Watercolor Illustrations

I just can't get over how wonderful these turned out!  So much hard work went into these!

The border illustrations are done with Sharpie and watercolor.
The central image is a linoleum print and some have added the addition of chalk.  More on the process that we used on an older blog post:  Linoleum printing