Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Upcoming Projects...

4th Grade:

Students will be creating Mission-style Christmas churches using chalk pastels and focusing on creating depth by using shading, dimension, and paying attention to creating distinct foregrounds/middle grounds/ and backgrounds.

5th Grade:

Students in 5th grade are continuing to work on a Pumpkin Glue-Line Pastel Shading Project.  Students learned about light direction and how this affects shading and shadows.  Students explored using colors other than black to create shadows in their pictures.

6th Grade:

We are currently juggling a few sculptural projects.  This week, students begin making their ceramic leaf plates.  In between the drying, firing, and glazing of this project, students will continue to work on their paintbrush people.

7th Grade:

Our next project involves the fusing of ceramics and glass in a ceramic Angel project.  The students angels will be carved out and frit added to the carved out areas of the angels and re-fired, melting the frit into glass and fusing the clay and glass together.

8th Grade:

Students are finishing up their torn paper portrait projects.

Students who have completed the project are beginning the planning stages of their ceramic sgraffito plates.  8th graders will be making ceramic slump plates and using a sgraffito technique to glaze and design their plates.

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