Monday, August 22, 2016

"A Note From the Art Teacher......"

In grades 4th-8th, expect to get one (or multiple) of these notes home this year. 

Every week, I am going to make an effort to send a few notes home in each grade, letting parents know what GOOD I am seeing in their children.  Maybe I caught them helping another student out in class, or has been working really really hard in art class, or every day greets me when they walk in with a smile and thanks me on the way out the door.  Whatever, the "goodness" is, I want to send each student home with at least one of these notes this year. 

Too often the notes that parents receive from a teacher at home are negative in nature.  I want to send home some of the positive this year!

The students seemed very excited about this today in class and had lots of questions in regards to this "new" item in art class.  There are going to be a lot of proud students coming home with these notes this year. 

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