Thursday, November 15, 2018

8th Grade Company Logo Design Completion

A few weeks ago, 8th graders started a company logo design project where they were "hired" to design a logo for a fictitious company.  They were competing against designers in the other 8th grade sections and had to come up with the best concept out of all four 8th grade sections in order to win.  More on the project can be seen here:  Logo Design Project 

Three judges (not me) looked over all of the designs and voted on the logos for each company that had the best concept (not artwork) as well as matched what the company was looking for in terms of branding (students were given information about each company and what the company was looking for).

If your design won, you got a prize.  If your team had the most designs selected out of all four groups, then your whole team got a prize (kind of like a company bonus).  It was so much fun to see the 8th graders working together to try and get their team to have the strongest designs possible.

Here are some pictures of what the students created:

They're a Hoot! Kinder and 2nd Grade Owl Projects

Kindergarten has been working so hard on these beautiful watercolor resist owls.  I absolutely LOVE the colors that they chose for the backgrounds and think they did a wonderful job on all of the beautiful details.  

2nd graders also created owls but used a printmaking technique to create prints of their owls.  Students drew their owls into foam and then I showed them how ink is rolled over the foam with a brayer and rubbed onto paper to create prints.
The trees were made by painting a variety of browns onto a paper and then dragging a plastic scraper across the paper to scrape lines into the wet paint.  This painted paper was then pressed onto another piece of paper and when it was removed, it created a beautiful faux-wood look.  Once dry, the paper was torn to create a deckled edge and glued down to their backgrounds, where they attached their owls and oil pastel/watercolor leaves.  

There were a lot of steps involved but I think it was well worth it.  

Monday, November 5, 2018

Turkeys Can't Vote.....

...but they can PROTEST!!!!

Happy almost voting day!  Get out and vote!  And enjoy these cute 3rd grade projects as you wait to drop off your ballots.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

7th Grade Batiks

Students have been working hard the past few weeks working on their glue batiks.  Students learned about the process and origin of real batiks and got to see how they were made.  We are making a much safer (not hot wax or boiling water needed) version using glue and paint on cotton fabric.  

Step 1:  Students have to come up with their design and draw it with chalk on their cloth.  

Step 2:  They are then outlined with a gel glue.

Step 3:  They are painted entirely with acrylic paint.  

Step 4:  They are washed in the washing machine and dried on Mrs. Saca's car (lol!)

More pics of the process:

My example: