Thursday, May 24, 2018

This. Is. Collaboration.

This is what it looks like when 5th-8th graders spend countless hours making ceramic pieces and coloring them (with oil pastels) for a collaboration project.  These frames will soon be hanging on the outside of every classroom from PK-8th grade.  It will have the grade/section inside the center of the frame when completed.

 Just looking at these make me happy!

Monday, May 21, 2018

3rd Trimester Enrichment: School Beautification

3rd Trimester Art Enrichment students (6th-7th graders) made projects to help beautify the school. 

The first project that we did was to create pencil fences that we donated to the Preschool teachers to add to their vegetable and flower garden on the Woodard side of the school. 

The second project that we are working on has snowballed into a 5th-8th grade all-hands-on-deck effort.  We are in the process of making ceramic frames to be placed on the outside of all classrooms from PK-8th grade with the class/section.  I got this idea from Cassie Stephens, a blogger and art teacher.  They made frames with leftover pieces from a ceramic project and it turned out like this: we are 800 mini ceramic pieces later....

We have lots still to do in the next few weeks to finish these up.  More pictures to come!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

With our Hands We Serve

90 students
3 trimesters
55 binders of games
44 worry dolls
43 ceramic guardian angel pins with prayer cards
42 port pillows
35 ceramic clinging crosses
32 prayer boxes
20 glass cross necklaces and prayer cards 
2 hospitals receiving these gifts (Stanford and Lucille Packard Children's Hospital)
1 exhausted but beyond PROUD art teacher who saw the hours and hours and hours of work that all of my enrichment students put into making these small gifts to be given to cancer patients and sick children in our local community.

This is what Catholic school looks like.  This is what compassion looks like.  SFC is the place to be.  With our hands we serve. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Boom! Pop! Splash! Zap!

Do these not remind you of some 1960's Batman episodes with a sprinkle of Roy Lichtenstein pop-art thrown in? 

3rd grade Onomatopoeia projects: 

2nd Graders: Snakes in the Grass

2nd graders have been working so hard on their last project.  We had to start first by painting all of our background grass papers.  They had to make their snakes with fun paper designs on them.  And then they got to cut their papers into grass and begin the challenging task of weaving their snakes through the grass. 

These remind me so much of something Eric Carle would have made.  Adorable for sure!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

They Are Starting to Look Like Cats!!!!! (Laurel Burch style)

5th graders are starting the tedious task of painting their Laurel Burch paper mache cats.  They are really starting to get some personality and look like cats! We have a few more weeks of painting and then they will be ready to display.

Graffiti Art In-Progress....

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Art with 3rd graders this week was so much fun!  Students learned a fun and silly word, Onomatopoeia.  To really get this word ingrained into their minds, we just simply had to watch some 1960's reruns of Batman.  I mean, it really is a natural progression.

We spent time beforehand talking about words whose sounds mimic the words.  Sizzle...   Buzz.....  Boom....

We also talked about the Pop (onomatopoeia word) Artist, Roy Lichtenstein, and looked at his artworks and how he created artworks that mimicked the comic book style and also used a lot of onomatopoeia words in his artworks and what pop art is.

After the slide show on Roy Lichtenstein, students got to play a little game.  I put on a short video of the 1960's Batman episodes with some fight scenes and every time a word popped up they had to shout out "ONOMATOPOEIA."  (see video below).

Then we began work on our pop art Roy Lichtenstein onomatopoeia artworks (pics coming soon).

I told the students that if they wanted to try to stump their parents at dinner, that they could maybe place a bet for an extra cookie or an extra 10 minutes of tablet time if their parents could answer 2 questions:

1.  What is onomatopoeia?
2.  Spell it

I have a feeling, a few students got to stay up a bit later on Wednesday or had an extra cookie after dinner :)

It was a fun day in the art room for sure!  And getting to see a few minutes of the Batman reruns brought me right back to Saturday mornings as a kid (because they sure did play those reruns in the 80's).

Friday, April 13, 2018

6th Grade: Intro to Graffiti

6th graders always get so excited to start the graffiti unit.  We spent a large portion of class time talking about the difference between graffiti as art vs. vandalism.  We watched a few time-lapsed videos of graffiti artists in action and looked at the Venice beach graffiti walls.  We also talked about the history of graffiti and it's origins and ties to our popular culture.

Students were given a packet to look through and a website to explore and spent the remaining class-time practicing writing words in a graffiti style.  Next week, students will start work on their actual graffiti project.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Morning Welcoming Crew

I had to chuckle when I walked up to my classroom this morning, seeing all of the 5th grade paper mache Laurel Burch cats drying in the window.  It was quite an adorable sight.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy (or Hoppy) Easter!!!!!!

From 3rd Grade to all of the SFC community....happy happy Easter!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Project Updates (by Grade)

1st Grade:  

1st graders just finished up their Coiled Lions.  As they say, March sometimes comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.

2nd Grade:

Students in 2nd grade learned about the art of Claude Monet.  We talked about his life and his beautiful gardens in his backyard that acted as inspiration for many of his paintings.  Students learned what impressionism is how Monet liked to use lots of small brushstrokes and lots and lots of mixed colors to paint with.  
Students made Monet's bridge and lily ponds.  They had to start by painting the background like Monet would have, with lots of small brushstrokes and unblended colors.  Then the following week, we drew the bridges with oil pastel and added shadows and highlights to make the bridges more 3-dimensional.  Students were AMAZED when their shading was done and the bridges began to pop.  

 3rd Grade:

We are preparing for Easter with adorable line bunnies.  Students made the bunnies completely out of lines to create the fur texture.  The backgrounds are being made by soaking watercolor paper in water and then dropping liquid watercolors onto the paper to create beautiful and bold backgrounds.  This week, we will be finishing them up and adding glasses to the bunnies.


4th Grade:

We have just started making ceramic coil bowls.  After they are fired, we will glaze them.  Students are so excited to be working in clay.

5th Grade:

I...oops, I mean WE, survived the first few weeks of paper mache with 5th grade.  Students learned about the artwork and inspirational life of Laurel Burch.  We watched a small video where she is interviewed and students learned about the challenges that she had to overcome in her life.   Students planned out a cat that they would create based on the artwork of Laurel Burch.

Forms were made with plastic bags stuffed with newspaper and taped with masking tape.  Ears were made with cardboard.  Today, students began covering their cat forms with paper mache.  It will take us a few weeks until they are ready to paint but they are off to a wonderful start!

6th Grade:

We are just finishing up our Dreamcatcher projects.  Students learned about radial symmetry.  Using a compass and ruler,  they created a mandala that had to have radial symmetry.  Feathers were drawn and everything was outlined in sharpie.  Selective color was added with crayons, they using small droppers, liquid watercolor was poured over their artworks which were soaked with water.  I can not wait to display these.  The variety and the details are just stunning.

7th Grade:

Inspirational Person and Writing Collage.  Students had to think of someone who is inspirational to humanity.  We spent a lot of time talking about collages and how to make them artistic.  We talked about adding layers and altering materials and pictures that they used.  Students had to include some either writing or quotes of the person that they chose.  Here are a few completed ones.

8th Grade:

 We just completed our metal repousse projects.  Students used burnishing tools to created reliefs out of metal.  They were then coated in India ink and the dried ink was then rubbed off with steel wool.  Their metal work was glued to paper and their designs had to continue out to the edges of the paper.  These took quite a bit of work but they really stand out.

And that's a wrap.  Phew!  I'm exhausted just looking at all of this hard work from all of the students.  I will post more soon on what Enrichment classes are working on so far this trimester.  We have some really adorable and fun projects that we are working on to help beautify the school.